2018 Church Council (Administrative Council)        

Lay Leader Team       Michael Behunin  
Lay Leader Team    Jan Parker     
Chairperson of Church Council Greg Foster   
Recording Secretary Gloria James
Back-Up Recording Secretary  Pam Pursley
Assistant Treasurer  Roy Keneda
Lay Member of Annual Conference Steve Burns
Lay Member of Annual Conference Joe Kaler
Lay Member of Annual Conference (Reserve) Sharon Kaler
Lay Member of Annual Conference (Reserve) Jane Burns



Senior Pastor Dr. Royeese Stowe
Associate Pastor Rev. Zach Fitzpatrick
Church Administrator  Jeff Poynter
Minister of Music  Bill Steele
Director of Discipleship Cindy Walters
Director of Students  Ryan Shostak  
Director of Children’s Ministries  Catherine Lombard
Director of Kid’s Crossing Learning Center  Angel Schieber


Director of Grace Arbor Robin Dill


Chairpersons of Administrative Committees

Chairperson of Staff Parish Relations  Jay Fulmer
Chairperson of Committee on Finance  Michael Stewart
Chairperson of Trustees  Marty Hollis
Chairperson of Campground Committee  Bruce Fowler


Chairpersons of Work Area Committees and Program Committees

Chairperson Work Area on Worship  Susan Kirkman
Chairperson Care Team June Cartee



Coordinator of Children Leadership Team  Rebecca Blake
Coordinator of Nursery  Catherine Lombard
Coordinator of Older Adults Margaret Johnson


Organizational Representatives

President of United Methodist Women  Monica Woodard
President of United Methodist Men Hugh Rowland


2018 Leadership List


Past Lists

2017 Leadership List